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The Long Walk

The Long Walk by Stephen King

Would you like to see the real start of Stephen King? Written in his freshman year of college, eight years before Carrie was published, The Long Walk is King's first novel. This anti-utopian horror novel tells the story of 100 teenage boys who take part in an event called "The Walk", where participants must walk at a speed of 4 miles per hour without stopping until only one person is left.

With no outside help and no fatal consequences for failure, this unflinching look at the human psyche will make fans of the psychological thriller genre more afraid of this work than any of King's monsters.

About the author of the book: Stephen King
Stephen Edwin King was born in 1947 in Portland, Maine. The life of Steven's parents was accompanied by many differences and conflicts.
One day, his father, who was a mobile salesman of Electrolux appliances, left home forever under the pretext of buying a pack of cigarettes, and after that, Steven never saw his father again. After Steven's parents separated, he and his older brother David were taken care of by his mother.
After Steven's grandparents died, Mrs. King found work nearby in the kitchen of the Pineland Home for the Mentally Retarded. Steven became interested in writing in 1959, after writing articles for a small-circulation local newspaper.
He wrote reviews and articles about television programs. Gradually, he sold his initial short stories to locals for thirty cents.
He also sold some stories to his schoolmates, but the teachers stopped him after they found out. Most of his early works were science fiction. After reading his aunt's horror magazines in 1959, he became interested in the horror genre.
He was inspired by writers such as Howard Phillips Lovecraft, Robert Blach and Jack Finney. King said in 1988: "I feel that my mother and I have been treated unfairly.
She would do anything alone without her husband. I have used him to my advantage. "He was condemned to hard work without the slightest complaint."
Steven is of Scots-Irish descent and many of his stories have been made into movies.
Dr. Sleep, A Winter's Tale, Deserted Land, Eternal Spring Hopes, Ascension, Substitute and Green Path are the titles of some of his works.