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Sold On Monday

Sold On Monday Book By Kristina McMorris

An officer, upon learning of my involvement, announced that a detective would be here shortly to speak with me. That man is now sitting in front of me...

My mind was so disturbed by worry and lack of sleep that I did not notice his name or the formalities of his introduction at all. But I could guess what kind of information he was looking for. I saw no difference between him and those journalists who gather in the street and are always eager to pry.

They are all hungry for answers that I have never understood.
I wish I could just run away, from this place and from this moment.. I heard someone say "Tell me how it started?", in my head the voice of the reporter was mixed with the voice of the detective in front of me. I wasn't exactly sure which one of them asked. However, I suddenly saw the past year with startling clarity. It was as if I was seeing it through a lens; I could see the intertwined paths that had brought each of us here, each step was like a domino that was necessary to break the next step. Regretfully, I nodded slowly and remembered that I was answering it.
"It all started with a photo."..

About Author: Christina McMorris (born 1974) is a half-Japanese American author. He is a New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author. His first novel, Letters from Home, was originally inspired by his grandparents' World War II courtship letters. This book was nominated for an RIT Award in 2013. Christina's extensive experience in the media led her to become a professional editor and writer for Portland Bride and Groom Magazine.