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The Ask and the Answer

The Ask and the Answer by Patrick Ness

The book "Question and Answer" is a novel written by "Patrick Ness", which was first published in 2009. Two teenagers named "Tod" and "Viola" have taken refuge in the city of "Hyun" after escaping from a scary and anti-ideal city called "Prentice Town". However, they soon find out that the mayor of "Prentice Town", an evil but powerful and charismatic man, has arrived earlier than them and plans to gain control of the entire planet.

Now unwittingly separated, Todd and Viola are caught on opposite sides of a terrifying and deadly civil war, while Todd feels more and more like he's losing his sanity. Is.

Question and answer book awards
2010 Locus Award nominee
Winner of the 2009 Costa Book Award
2010 Carnegie Medal nominee
Patrick Ness is a New York Times bestselling author

About Patrick Ness
Patrick Ness, born October 17, 1971, is an English/American author, journalist, university professor and screenwriter. He was born in the United States and left for London at the age of 28 and has the citizenship of both countries. After spending his teenage years in Washington State, Ness moved to Los Angeles and studied English literature at the University of Southern California. After graduation, he started writing for a well-known company and published his first story in 1997 in Genre magazine. He is working on his first novel...

Parts of the book "Questions and Answers"
I blink and open my eyes. Everything is pure white and so bright that it seems like noise and has a unique sound. My head is confused and my side hurts. It's too bright everywhere and I can't think.
“Todd?” I say. My voice is hoarse, full of cotton and spit, I push as hard as I can and release my voice in a space whose bright lights blind my eyes.
I don't recognize the voice, it's a woman's voice... a woman. "Who are you?" I ask. And I try to sit, I reach out my hands to find out what's going on around me, I feel the coolness of the air and the softness of... a bed? I am filled with fear.