Sold On Monday Book By Kristina McMorris

An officer, upon learning of my involvement, announced that a detective would be here shortly to speak with me. That man is now sitting in front of me...

The cheerleaders Book by Kara Thomas

First, that accident happened. Two girls died on a rainy night after an accident with a tree. A little later, those murders happened. Two girls were killed by a neighbor. The police shot the killer, so no one will understand his motivation. Monica's sister was the last cheerleader to die.

The Long Walk by Stephen King

Would you like to see the real start of Stephen King? Written in his freshman year of college, eight years before Carrie was published, The Long Walk is King's first novel. This anti-utopian horror novel tells the story of 100 teenage boys who take part in an event called "The Walk", where participants must walk at a speed of 4 miles per hour without stopping until only one person is left.

Win Book by Harlan Coben

More than twenty years ago, Patricia Lockwood is robbed in the story of her father's house and spends several months in a remote cabin. He escapes, but neither the culprit nor the items stolen that night are found.