Sold On Monday

An officer, upon learning of my involvement, announced that a detective would be here shortly to speak with me. That man is now sitting in front of me...

Planet of exile‎

More than fifty years have passed since the book "Planet of Exile" was written, but the narration of Legoin's intellectual concerns are still fresh and it seems that he wrote his book for today's audience. Planet of Exile tells the story of a group of inhabitants of the earth who went to another planet for a research mission, but now all their communication channels with the outside world are cut off and they are treated like exiled people.

Under the Whispering Door

Welcome to Karen Pass. Where the tea is hot and the cookies are fresh and the ghosts walk through. When a messenger appears at Wallace Price's funeral, Wallace suspects that he may be dead; And when Hugo, the owner of a certain tea house, tells Wallace that he will help him cross, Wallace is convinced that he is definitely dead.

The Ask and the Answer

The book "Question and Answer" is a novel written by "Patrick Ness", which was first published in 2009. Two teenagers named "Tod" and "Viola" have taken refuge in the city of "Hyun" after escaping from a scary and anti-ideal city called "Prentice Town". However, they soon find out that the mayor of "Prentice Town", an evil but powerful and charismatic man, has arrived earlier than them and plans to gain control of the entire planet.

The Long Walk

Would you like to see the real start of Stephen King? Written in his freshman year of college, eight years before Carrie was published, The Long Walk is King's first novel. This anti-utopian horror novel tells the story of 100 teenage boys who take part in an event called "The Walk", where participants must walk at a speed of 4 miles per hour without stopping until only one person is left.

Land of Big Numbers

The Land of Big Numbers is a collection of stories about a soulless world and unhappy people who never experience happiness. It is as if no one can face their personal destiny anymore, nor can they escape from the grip of the government and institutions, every conversation is incomplete and hidden, and every misfortune is blind.

Monster of Men

The book "Monster of Men" is a novel written by "Patrick Ness", which was first published in 2010. Three armies are prepared for battle: one controlled by the jovial but charismatic mayor; the second under the supervision of a terrorist with Machiavellian thoughts named "Lady Quill"; and the third under the command of "Sky", the leader of an indigenous people with amazing powers.


The novel Roots, by Alex Haley, is considered one of the most wonderful and influential contemporary books. Through the story of a family - his own - Alex Haley has given life to the unforgettable and exemplary story of a character named Kunta Kinte and six generations after him. Many characters are involved in this novel: slaves and freed people, farmers and blacksmiths, lumber and railroad workers, lawyers and architects, and of course a writer.